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2 New hiphop tracks WITH VIDEOS

2012-12-30 14:14:32 by hexar

Yaw! As a few of you might know, i make Danish rap, and i am really fricken good at it (compulsory hiphop statement)

So you will be happy to hear that i have 2 new tracks out for you guys to enjoy, both of them have some real funny videos to go along with them, too :)

I mix, and master my tracks myself, and i am pretty new to that part of the game, so i would really enjoy some constructive critisism as well :)

Both of the tracks have feats with other rappers, as i have been blessed with a couple of friends who are also into that kinda thing!

enough with the talk, here are the links:


Popklangens Opsang:

I really hope you enjoy this, and if you do, be sure to spread it like wildfire, as i do not have my own fans :(

2 New hiphop tracks WITH VIDEOS


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2013-01-05 07:59:28

Really dig your stuff, you got such a roughhanded flow, it really suits the aurals of the Danish rap shizznik. You and Rama should battle for title of NG's best non-english speaking rapper lol

hexar responds:

Thank you bro, i really appreciate it!
Nothing better than hearing from people you don't know, who don't even understand what you're saying, that your shit is hot! So thanks again for that :)

Rama?.. i must've missed something, i'll check up on him :)